Interested in being a Host Family?

Our families are all experienced in hosting students and understanding their different needs and supports. All live locally. Their aim is to ensure our international students have an unforgettable experience and make their homes feel like home for the duration of their stay.

What is expected of a Host Family?

  • Host parents are to take students to buy schoolbooks and uniforms when students arrive.
  • Host Moms are expected to provide a clean bedroom with a suitable desk and chair for study purposes.
  • One student per room. Bed Linen to be changed weekly.
  • There must be access to a proper bathroom and daily showering facilities are a must.
  • Breakfasts, lunches and evening meals are essentials.  Packed lunches are to be supplied on school days.
  • If for any reason host mothers are away from the home for more than a day please contact us immediately.
  • If students are ill or have an accident both school and Educate With Friends must be contacted.
  • Students are not allowed to earn money by babysitting either your own children or anyone outside the family’s children.
  • All external activities are for the students account – Host families will not be expected to pay for these activities
  • Wifi to be provided to students


Mid-Term: At mid-term students may return home.  Families are paid during this period.  Should students leave for agreed holiday periods, Host families are to organise airport transfers.  If a family cannot do this please let Educate with Friends know in advance and we will do so.  

Easter: If a student approaches the host family about staying during the Easter break please contact Educate with Friends. It is expected that all students go home at Easter unless otherwise agreed with Educate with Friends in advance.