For the Student

The student is expected:

  • To behave as one of the family.
  • To respect the family home and any rules the family has.
  • To have meals with the family. 
  • To return at the agreed time in the evening.
  • Students wishing to stay at a friend’s house must inform us by the Wednesday before the weekend.

During the week it is expected that students will stay at home in the evening and do their homework.

The Times by which students must be home on the weekends are as follows:

  • 12-14 years old: by 8pm unless at a at an activity or sport practice.
  • 15-16 years old: by 8.30pm unless at a at an activity or sport practice.
  • Older than 16 years old: by 10.30pm

It is important that all host families ensure that their students are at home by the times indicated above. We like to encourage an environment of community so all students are treated the same.


To encourage language assimilation, no two students speaking the same language may be hosted in the one family.  

Host Families and students are entering a contractual time period and this may not be extended without the knowledge of Educate with Friends.