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We offer students an opportunity to stay with us in our lovely home town of Kinsale. We offer a caring environment that focuses on the safety and well being of the student. Family life is very important to us and we would welcome your child into our families as if they were our own. We provide a structured  learning environment to assist students in their desire to learn English, while making sure that students also have access to fantastic recreational facilities. All meals are prepared by the host family and we will make sure that students will receive nutritious meals three times a day.


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Kinsale Community School is committed to enabling all students to fulfill their potential.


Our main objective is to provide a caring and learning environment for all our students.


Students go to High School from aged 12 until they take the leaving certificate at about 18.


Our Summer Programme offers our students a fun mix of education and recreation.


Here you will see a summary of what each of our students should expect.

All About Kinsale Town

Kinsale is a town in County Cork, Ireland. Located 25 km south of Cork City on the south coast near the Old Head of Kinsale. Kinsale is one of the most picturesque, popular and fashionable resorts of the south-west coast of Ireland and is famous for itsyachting, sea angling, Dolphin & Whale Watching Trips, gourmet restaurants, golf and art galleries.

It is a holiday resort for Irish and foreign touristswhich is known for its many gourmet restaurantsand leisure activities. The town is compact with a quaint air of antiquity in the narrow intersecting streets. There is a large yachting marina close to the town centre which attracts sailing enthusiasts. A number of hotels cater for the tourists. 

Kinsale is situated just 20 km from Cork International Airports. 

Prominent buildings in the town include St. Multose's church (Church of Ireland), St. John the Baptist (Roman Catholic), the Market House and the French Prison ( Desmond Castle).

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